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Tutoring Matters

We are locally based in Macon, Georgia, and we offer tutoring and test prep services, specializing in the areas of reading and writing. As a certified educator with over 15 years of experience, I saw a need in our community for targeted reading and writing instruction to supplement the general curriculum.


As a teacher, I was able to get a first-hand look into how many students have fallen between the cracks and are not reading on grade level by the time they reach high school. With a fast-paced learning environment and heavy emphasis placed on testing achievement, it’s possible for students to miss out on foundational reading and writing skills. Tutoring Matters is committed to building strong children as well as bridging the gaps.


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Mrs Abad has tutored my daughter for the last six months. She is an  amazing tutor, professional, patient, and reliable. My daughter was struggling with her reading and math and with Mrs. Abad help my daughter is now reading and doing Math on her grade school level. My daughter is mire confident than ever. I highly recommended her to anyone that want to see progress in their child education. 



I started noticing when my son was in the 5th grade that he was struggling with Reading and I was concern he wasn't going to pass the Reading portion of the Milestone test. I reached out to Mrs. Kimberly who was recommended to me by my co worker. I expressed my concerns with her and she assured me not to worry and she would work with him to improve his reading. 


After tutoring with Mrs. Kimberly twice a week  after school, Jayden passed his milestone test and was reading on grade level!!! 


He is now in the 8th grade and continues to attend weekly tutoring session. Mrs. Kimberly is a blessing to my son. She is passionate about her students and their success. 


There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how wonderful Kimberly Lowe-Abad is! She tutored my boys over the summer for about 2 months. Even when the sessions were over, she would send them packets to complete to ensure they retained everything she had taught them. When the school year started and they took their first math and reading assessment, the progress they made was phenomenal! Kimberly is definitely good at what she does and she sincerely cares about all kids and their education!

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